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Gem'n'ah Mewzik

Gem’n’ah Mewzik
G.E.M.'N'.A.H. M.E.W.Z.I.K. (Great Eternal Magical 'Noble' And Hypnotic Music Equipped With Zenithal Inspirational Knowledge) is a Hip-Hop/RnB formed by Sty-Low alias "the evil twin" (rapper/singer/producer), and Monique Spence alias "the good twin" (singer/engineer ).

Mixing the consciousness and roughness of Hip-Hop with the melodies and smoothness of RnB, those two geminis bring real subject matters to your ears with an unique sound that has you captivated.

The philosophical dimension of their music can be defined as a constant battle between good music and wack music, that's why "keeping good music afloat in a wack music ocean" or "good music vs wack music… choose your side" are the kind of quotes that are a total part of Gem'n'ah Mewzik.

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