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Gravity's Grace - "Sing Another Song"

Gravity's Grace consists of:
Brendon White (vocals)
PH Steyn (guitars)
Fridrich Kirsten (bass)
Louwrens Bezuidenhout (Drums, Guitar & Programing)
All songs written by Louwrens Bezuidenhout and produced by Gravity’s Grace.
This Pretoria based South African band recorded their first album 20 to 5 in 2006.  Soon they had two number one singles on four different radio stations in the country.  Two years after 20 to 5 was recorded Morne Bouwer (Vocalist at the time) died on a dark road in Pretoria at the age of 34.  Band members were stunned and the band was silenced.  It didn’t look like Gravity’s Grace was going to be resurrected again, but the songs would not be silenced forever and four years later they found the
talented Brendon White to once again breathe life into the music.  Gravity’s Grace recorded their second album, Fair Weather at Bat Mountain Studios & Blue Avenue Studios in 2013.  They take you on a journey of loss, love and hope with songs that fluctuate from rock to indie-rock to alternative threaded together by their signature style and exceptional songwriting.  “Thanks for listening to our songs.  Please like our Facebook page to share in the journey.  Gravity’s Grace - greetings “

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