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Introducing Latrell James

 Latrell James is an emcee/producer from Boston, MA whose primary focus is Hip-Hop music   Latrell has collectively been making music for 10 years and continuously looks for new innovative ways to contribute to the culture that is Hip-hop.  In the past, he has had the honor to share the stage at college universities with some influential artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Cam'ron and Scarface from the release of his last critically acclaimed project ‘Lemonade Stand.’ Latrell has dropped two fan favorite promo singles, ’99 Altima’ and ‘Distance’ leading up to his new project, Twelve --- soon to be released later this year.
From the moment I listened to 'Distance' by Latrell James, I was hooked!  I find myself captivated by his lyrics, which resonates with my spirit as he flows, "I need time to get away, get away, get away, get away, cause you're no good for me...get away, get away, get away, get away, cause you're just holding me back."  This track is truly for anyone who's in it for the long run, going for the distance with no excuses!  It's very empowering and motivates you to press forward no matter what.  I admire Latrell's musical journey.  His story is so relatable, giving you that realness that could only come from firsthand experiences. After listening for yourself, you too will be greatly inspired.  Persevere and never allow anything or anyone to hinder your goals.  Peace & Love!
Listen to 'Distance' by Latrell James:

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