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Half Past 3 Band


Half Past 3 started as a family band. Current members include main singer Garrett Hoffman (guitar / song writer / 10+ yrs experience), Gary Hoffman (bass / co-writer / 30+ yrs experience), Stefen Jenczewski (lead shredder / co-writer / 25+ yrs experience), Ted Steele (drums / 25+ yrs experience).

How 'Half Past 3' got started:
In early 2011 Garrett Hoffman, father Gary Hoffman, and cousin Colin Hoffman having played music for most of their lives finally got the bright idea to join forces. Garrett had been writing original acoustic rock pieces for a little over a year. And Gary, who has played bass for 30 or so years, had been writing country and bluegrass pieces for a while as well. Colin brought a dynamic energy to the music with his drum playing. Due to physical problems Colin had to quit. We had several drummers along the way. Ted Steele is now our drummer. Along the way we picked up lead shredder Stefan. We have also had other members that did a fine job of contributing to the sound/songs of HP3 such as Alex Goldberg, Branden Hickman, Mike Breen, & Don Greggor.

The music keeps flowing. HP3 completed it's first recording in 2013 of an EP titled 'A Place Like This' which is now available on CDBaby and other online music stores.

HP3 are truly Amazing!! They played the National Cherry Blossom Festival in DC recently and this weekend play the 'Full Moon Festival' (Northern VA) opening for 'David Allen Coe' & 'John King'.  June 20/22
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