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Jayreed 4 Jesus!

"Jayreed" started his Christ Rap ministry in 2003. At the time, he was enlisted in the U.S. Navy, aboard the USS Ronald Reagan. Longing to share his faith with others, it was a common thing to catch the fiery MC ministering to others through music. One day while at sea, he had an experience that would convince him to devote his entire life to his "Christian Rap" ministry. During a performance of his song, "Everlasting Life," a young man burst out of the crowd and fell to his knees, asking God to forgive his sins. Shortly after, a number of different people came seeking prayer for salvation and deliverance. It was a scene that he would never forget. This event made it clear that the Navy was only a temporary stop for the enthusiastic minister.

In the following weeks, he began to study the Bible in depth, fueling an intense burden to reach the lost and the saved with his inspirational music. Convinced of his calling, he told his superior officers that he would be leaving the military when his time was up. Sticking to his word, Jayreed left the Navy and moved back to Augusta, Georgia to seek God's will for his life. This proved to be a decision that he would never regret.

As a result of his obedience, God began to open huge doors for this young man to walk through. He was given the chance to appear on various television broadcasts, including the "Parade of Quartet." It was during the course of these appearances that he met his brother in ministry, Christian singer, Jubba. As the two grew closer, they realized that they held a similar passion for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Before long, Jubba felt inspired to add Jayreed to the "God is Love Tour," giving him state to state exposure.

Since then he has shared the stage with the likes of James Brown and Tye Tribbett, and has enjoyed radio play with the hot single, "Where My Soldiers At," from the freshman album, "Holy Poetry." This album has received great support from radio stations such as Rejoice 94.7 Rejoice FM and Gospel Impact 88.1 FM, as well as "The Brother Tee Radio Show" and features graphics design by Atlanta's NGF Digital and beats by Sterling Hardy aka Chosen.

In addition to his music ministry, Jayreed is inspiring to become a teacher of the gospel due to the many gifts God has blessed him with, including the ability to clearly teach the Word of God. Jayreed is currently enrolled at Grand Canyon University where he is majoring in Christian Studies to further his education in learning and teaching the Bible in a more accurate way.

If this wasn't enough, Jayreed has now merged with his close and personal friend and brother Darius Smith (husband of Na'Quelle Smith-Tresvant "daughter of recording artist Ralph Tresvant") with Kingland Music, as one of the artists on the label along with Na'Quelle. With his manager and brother, Darrell Fleetwood, by his side Jayreed's own label Holy Poetry Production merges with Kingland Music, they are looking forward to the musical career laid before them.

In summary, this up and coming minister makes no secret as to where his success lies. As he has received many spiritual blessings from God, so he seeks to live a life of worship by leading people to salvation and victory through Jesus Christ. In doing so, Jayreed has displayed a sincere passion for truth and a deep love for souls. He lives every day with a heart full of compassion that can only come from God above.