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Rikaan Ray - Debut EP Release "INAUGURATED"

Rikaan Ray is a RnB and Soul Singer/Songwriter from London, UK who combines confidence, uniqueness and originality all into one.   After listening to his debut EP, INAUGURATED, which was released today (July 31, 2014), three words come to mind when describing such an amazing talent...UNIQUE, INNOVATIVE and ECLECTIC!!! 
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 In this world, the constant growth of population results in the constant growth of individuals who fall under and condone stereotypes of society and whose decisions are heavily influenced and fueled by a longing for social acceptance and fitting in . Now, more than ever, there is a need for a credible emerging figure and artist with a bold, unique identity who through word of mouth, social media, and music brings their brand of music to the scene as well as empowering the world. Thursday 31st July 2014 saw the release of Inaugurated, debut extended play by London born 17 year old singer-songwriter Rikaan Ray. By partaking with this EP you are witnessing a musical creation beaming with talent, creativity and individuality, as well as personal, relatable messages of empowerment and truth depicted through a small but diverse amount of genres and instrumentation . The EP has evidently proved to be a success through it’s sales, downloads and streams which have come in abundance through Rikaan’s solid following of over 10,000 supporters. 
The EP kicks off with ‘Snakes & Ladders’ a personal and relatable track based on the host of opportunities and knockbacks, despisers and supporters life bears sung over a dreamy, futuristic instrumental, followed by ‘Weak Link’ empowering anthem instructing us to dare to be different and break away from the typical expectations society aims to set in place, mainly delivered through the technique of rhetorical question in the verses which makes the listener have to listen and reflect on what is being said, and direct imperative instructions sung all over a catchy BeatBox beat. Similarly, the next track ‘Colours’ links to the previous track in terms of encouraging the listener to strive for individuality and refrain from being reluctant to express themself. The track also demonstrates Rikaan’s lyrical and song-writing skills through its witty wordplay and punchlines such as ‘we live in the third month cos we make ‘em wanna march’ and ‘make them people wanna draw us, must be the suit and tie’ , over a pop calypso beat. Penultimately, a track entitled ‘Fall As They Ball (Let It Pour On Me)’’  is heard, a mid-tempo hip hop piece with mild electronic elements which is lyrically about Rikaan’s attitude of not having care towards the negative things people say/do (in particular cyber-bullying)  as he enjoys what does and reaps the benefits of life, encouraging the listener to likewise adopt this attitude too. Lastly, the EP ends on a direct note with ‘From Me To You’ a soft, heartfelt accapella of Rikaan singing directly to the listener, explaining that he is merely human like everyone else and deserves to be allowed to be himself.

From an early age, Rikaan has had a passion for music and attended two performing arts schools from the ages of 7 to 12. He has since went on to study music at the renowned Westminster Kingsway College where respected UK entertainment-industry figures and artists Little Simz, Eliza Doolitte, Trevor Nelson and Steve McFadden also attended. To express his talent and love for music, Rikaan began by uploading covers of songs as well as original music to his YouTube channel which was promoted and recognised by fellow UK singer Misha B, however the London music scene became aware of Rikaan Ray's presence through his critically-acclaimed remix to Vybz Kartel's 'Touch A Button Nuh' in 2012 (which can be found on his given BandCamp site). From his witty punchlines (one of his most notable being in a song he wrote for his EP named 'Colours' in which he delivers a witty lyric demonstrating his skill being ‘‘we live in the third month cos' we make 'em wanna march’’) to captivating sound and unique, bold fashion sense, Rikaan has earned attention from music listeners, bloggers, management and production companies across London, as well as earned himself a platform to pursue his career. Growing his supporters and providing them with free music has indeed worked in his favour and provided him with a solid host of supporters, (exemplary in his 10,000+ Twitter followers) who've gone on to purchase his debut commercial EP 'Inaugurated'. This presendential-titled EP is only the begging of Rikaan's musical journey, which is destined to provide oppurtunity for Rikaan Ray and spread positive, cherishable music to all. Thousands have chosen to embark on this journey. Will you?