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Yung T (Texas)

Yung T: The 'Blue Eyed' genius hailing from Alvarado, Texas. This rap lyricist and star performer has been creating the Yung T Texas sound for quite some time. He has performed all over the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Yung T has released his first official mix tape with the help of Metal 2 Music Records Executive and producer Franz The Hybrid One back in late 2013 appropriately titled "Solo Dolo". The project included no features or special appearances All Yung T. The entire project was written and performed by Yung T Texas and produced by Franz The Hybrid One. The two have teamed up again for his sophomore project "Excuse My High" scheduled for a September release via Metal 2 Music Records. Yung T has started his own production company "A 1 Productions" and is working with an array of Texas based talent. Look for releases from the A 1 Production camp coming in late 2014.
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Sebastian is my name Born September 7, 1993 in Texas but, you don't know me well enough for that so it's just Yung T to my fans.Just another average person with a dream of doing something he loves, writing lyrics making songs. Started out writing poems as a young kid. I was always interested in knowledge & how the world works. It wasn't until 8th grade that I  began to take my love for music serious & started learning the basics. Instantly I found myself lost in notes and a note pad.And instead of notes was quotes.I knew how school would end and dropped out to chase dream. I did go back because I thought maybe I had chosen the wrong path, ya know to give it another try but, I was already to far gone in the music. Didn't finish school yet but, I plan to.Do I have to say though, Music is My Life.I heard it said Mistakes Make Greats.


  1. That's A Good Look Nephew! @ThaRealYungT #EbonyMoore #ExcuseMyHigh #ImAStarBaby

  2. Excuse My High now released. Get on #GooglePlay now also stream live on


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