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Myke The Artist

"The Key to my Heart was inspired by a key that was given to me shortly after I moved from Kentucky to New York City to pursue music. During this long transition I often was short on money and ultimately had to move in with a friend of mine. She gave to me selflessly and asked nothing in return. The Key To My Heart represents love and giving. It is a love song that people can move to that says I will share with you, I will give to you... this is The Key. //Age: 24 years old //Location: Brooklyn, New York //Summary of Music Style: My music style is r&b/soul with pop influence. My new unreleased EP contains creative ballads with very minimal instrumentation but it also contains more upbeat records that people can move to. My music is classic R&B meets 2014 and beyond. My music is always progressing just as music and technology are advancing. //What Makes Me a Unique Artist: As an artist I strive to be as original as possible. I experiment a lot in the studio and I take risks in my music because the artists who have influenced me are risk takers: Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Kanye West, Frank Ocean... I want to give the world something new and refreshing and exciting. My ideas are what make me a unique Artist. I am certain that there will always be an artist who can sing better than I can, who is more attractive than I am, who can play the piano better than I can, or dance better than I can. However, I am the only person who holds the ideas and the creative imagination that I have. No one else. This is what makes me unique."  - Myke The Artist

"Audience is a very special song to me. One of the things that I want more than anything is for my work to be heard/seen and appreciated as I'm sure all artists do. Audience illustrates my raw emotions and shows the pleasure and pain of me, a young artist on the rise, who just wants to sing for you. It is a love song for my fans but it also represents me as Myke The Artist and the strong desire that I have to entertain and to be heard." - Myke The Artist