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Fissyhelen - 'Sa Asala'

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'Sa Asala’ is a Nigeria (Yoruba) adage which means Run For Your Life. It is an inspirational song in which unbelievers are encouraged to accept Jesus as their Lord and savior, while believer are reminded, to continue in faith in the face of all difficulties, for Him alone is the sure cover of all times.
Fissyhelen is an unfaltering believer in the WORD, whose desire is to present the finished work of Christ on the cross to all men by sharing her believe and experience through her songs ministration.
Her heart beat can be felt in her unique African beat/style of music, which is enjoyed by both Christians and none Christians alike, yet her salvation message remains undiluted.
Fissyhelen, a Gospel singer and a song writer is driven by her ardent desire to see all receiving and flourishing in GRACE that is available through Christ our Lord and Saviour.
Her compassion towards the Less privileged, especially the Orphans and the Widows is glaring, to whom she dedicates one of her hit tracks "ONE DAY".

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