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Detonator - "How Long" (Music Video)

Watch "How Long" by Detonator.  Directed by Olu Damo, the powerful visual depicts the struggles with patience, persistence and perseverance that come with controversy.  It captures the story of two young men struggling to attain success while faced with obstacles and adversity.  The MLK sample is complemented beautifully, as part of the video is filmed near the Martin Luther King memorial statue in Washington, DC.
"How Long” is the lead single off his upcoming mixtape, 
Mr 9 To 5, which is due out February 24th. 
Detonator is a hip-hop artist out of Long Island, NY.  His witty wordplay and vivid lyrical imagery represent the 9-to-5'ers who won't settle for the corporate shackles, but instead choose to pursue their life's passions.  Having worked in corporate America, Detonator tightropes daily between juggling life as an engineer and fostering his budding music career.  Hoping to leave the corporate world hehind, Detonator details his journey to success (filled with triumphs and pitfalls) in his newest mixtape, Mr 9 To 5, set to be released Feb. 24th.
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Twitter: @__Detonator__ (2 underscores before and after)
Instagram: @_Detonator_ (1 underscore before and after)