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Evelis Peña

Evelis says; "I am a citizen of heaven, a resident of earth and of Puerto Rican Origin". By the grace of God, she gave her heart to the Lord in 1990.  She was a faithful member in the church of God called "Segunda Hermosa" since she converted to Christ.  Being under the submission of God and her pastor Rev. Mario DeJesus, God prepared her for the battlefield in the Segunda Hermosa Church for 14 years.  The Lord then took Evelis to a church called Good Samaritan Christian Center where she is today fighting the good battle of faith united to her pastor Rev. Richard Ramirez. 

Evelis Peña was born on August 6, 1961 in New York City.  God has blessed Evelis in many ways, she is known as the singer with a sentimental voice.

Evelis' purpose is to first and foremost exalt and glorify the name of the Lord and then to bless the church by using the Lords words to encourage His people.  Being surrounded by so much negativity she decided to step out on faith and believe in God and prove to the church that she is a living witness that the "devil is a liar".
On September 9, 1997 after her father Gregory Peña passed away to be with the Lord, and after fighting with lots of stumbling blocks that told her it was impossible to record, the Lord gave Evelis the privilege to birth her first album titled "Pienso En Ti Señor" which mean "Thinking of you Lord". 
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