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Trumpet Grrrl - "Just Listen"

Trumpet Grrrl
Just Listen
Trumpet Grrrl is a triple threat, combining trumpet, keys and singing into her original compositions. She is ecstatic to have released her 3rd album  Just Listen on August 15th, 2016. Recorded at Eusonia Studios with GRAMMY winning producer Scott Jacoby and mastered at The Lodge by Emily Lazar.  TG's unique combination of trumpet, singing and keyboard has been turning ears since her first album release; “The Basement Tracks”, in 2010; “Trumpet Grrrl’s low and sultry voice and her trumpet skills blow the listener’s mind”, praises the Music Historian.

While her first two self-recorded and self-produced albums featured mainly synth instrumentation,  Just Listen, features a full rock band and is brimming with original creativity; a mixture of rock, pop, classical and soulful sounds.   The two breakout singles from the album, “Rain Boots” and “Love Hate Nyc”, both with unique music videos recorded in Brooklyn, demonstrate this variety of sound.  Another standout, driving rock song “Afghan Palace” was recorded at Converse Rubber Tracks in Brooklyn.
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