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PUSH.culture embodies the idea of empowerment while reflecting on social shortcomings, both historic and current. This project features artist Wanz of Grammy award winning “Thrift Shop” fame on the opening track, Boundaries, as well as Southern rap legend 8ball on the Chris Prythm produced Room 306.

In addition, boasts 20 more compositions, split into two playlists. This collective is the contributing artists’ take on relationships and some of the things encountered while navigating them.

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At a critical point in the world's trajectory where racism, intolerance, greed, corruption and an overall absence of positivity are unfortunately running rampant, this compilation tackles these issues head-on, directly from those enduring and seeking to better their circumstances and themselves. Just in time for Black History Month, but equally suited for provoking thought indefinitely, this is the latest iteration of edgy production, witty wordplay and soulful songwriting showcased by the PUSH roster. This is the soundtrack to reality; the good, bad and the ugly truth. 

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Whether it's that special someone, the one that got away or the one you wish you'd never crossed paths with, we all have one. There's few things that conjure up emotion quite like music that stirs those feelings of old. This two part collection details the highs, lows, euphoria, eroticism and sensuality associated with relationships. Sometimes it feels heaven sent and sometimes it's hell on earth. This is & war. 

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