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Scott Krokoff - Something I'd Like To Know

"Something I'd Like To Know" is the thought-provoking and sensational new single by Scott Krokoff
It's his song for introverts. Listen and enjoy!
With a rich sound drawn primarily from his love of 60s and 70s music, Scott Krokoff (pron: Crow-Cough) weaves elements of folk rock & country pop into confessional and compelling Americana. He is an evocative and introspective songwriter, and a deft finger-picker in the vein of James Taylor and Paul Simon with “an edge of Replacements styled alt rock to his strum” (Hiplanta). Scott has opened for Elle King and Grace Weber, toured from Vermont to Nashville, played live in Belgium for his biggest fan, and received radio airplay throughout the US, Canada and Europe. 

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