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Andrei Poliakov - La Promenade in Paris in the Sunshine

Andrei Poliakov is a pianist and composer from Switzerland. He has this passionate new musical piano led release entitled, "La Promenade in Paris in the Sunshine". It features an array of various live instruments, depicting a bright and sunny vibe of the city: romantic and frivolous, yet dynamic and playful at the same time. It's a breath of fresh air in these uncertain times. Let this beautiful music soothe your spirit!

"La Promenade in Paris in the Sunshine" is a follow up on the previously released "La Promenade in Paris in the Moonlight" - a solo piano work, depicting a nocturnal vibe of the city: mystical and sensual, yet somewhat cheeky and mischievous at the same time. This is the third release for Andrei's live album, 'Moonlight and Sunshine'. The album has an unconventional structure for the modern classics genre: every release features two different versions of one motive, coming to life as a piano solo piece -- interpreting a narrative in the moonlight -- and a fully arranged piece, revealing the same story under the sunshine. Andrei Poliakov is a professional musician and composer who received a fundamental classical music education as a pianist in Russia. He has continued a professional musical career performing with several world-renowned orchestras, and later diversifying his musical taste and capacity into jazz, rock and pop genres.

"The music is taking the listeners away from the mundane routines, boredom and dullness into the brightness of an imaginative world where love is omnipresent both under the light of Sun and Moon. In my instrumental works, I am striving to tell stores with no words as I believe music is universal language for all people on our tiny planet."

- Andrei Poliakov  

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