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John-Paul Jones - Broke In Bridge City

John-Paul Jones Group revitalize heavy blues with new album, "Broke In Bridge City". The album is a new collection of songs written by bandleader John-Paul "JP" Jones, and offers a fresh look at life in Southeastern Iowa as told in story form from the perspective of a Black American. JP and his team have produced a deeply personal album inspired by life, health, family, and thoughts about the past, present and future.

“This album is a very personal reflection from my perspective as a native black Iowegian. My family's seven generation-strong history (in Iowa) – coupled with our integration into the society around us – has molded my perspectives on life in ways hard for many to comprehend. With this album, I hope my artistically authentic interpretation of living in  rural small town America is relatable to anyone regardless of what they look like, where they are now or where they have come from.” - Jp

"Broke In Bridge City" is available now on Vinyl and CD!
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