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Paul Roth - Gold


Singer-Songwriter Paul Roth releases 8 song album "GOLD". Taking influence from a wide range of genres, GOLD leans into an indie folk rock feel while carrying some strong country and gospel characteristics. "At this point I really just wanted to make the music I wanted to make, and allow each song to be what it should be, so it comes across a little bit eclectic but I've loved seeing those common threads through all the songs", says Paul in going for a bit more of an eclectic album. The album includes six singles that were released over the last year as well as a couple of bonus acoustic tracks compiled into one phenomenal collection. 

Originally hailing from the Central Coast (New South Wales) of Australia, Paul Roth is now in Hong Kong writing and releasing snippets of his story through song. After many years playing through different parts of the world and being involved in different projects, including indie-rock outfit Esimorp, Paul is now following up from his EP "Remember This" with a smashing new album, GOLD

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