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Aricka J - Man Up

HANSO - paris.

Edgar Allan Poets - White Noise

The Impersonators - Life Of Grant

Madelyn Victoria - Good At Goodbye

Larry Jay - Worldwide Party Day

ALITA - I'm Not Your Mother (Video & Single)

Davy Williamson - Down by the Fire (EP)

4Valley - Pick Up

Callie Reiff - Crash Into Me (ft. Madison Daniel)

Valleyheart - Stepping Stone

Perry Bancs and Gem Chantelle - Alone Tonight

Tessa Kaye - Smile More

Olivia Morreale - Parasomnia

Brenda Cay - Alone With You

Foley - Vacation (EP)

Zack Landry - Hold On (Official Music Video)

Casii Stephan - Here Comes the Light

Revelry - Dirty (Official Music Video)

Zack Landry - Hold On