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ALITA - I'm Not Your Mother (Video & Single)

I'm happy to support and share the phenomenal new single / music video, "I'm Not Your Mother", by pop singer-songwriter ALITA. The video is a 50's inspired homage to empowerment and subverting antiquated gender roles, in which is felt of powerful significance to Women's History Month.

ALITA describes it as, “a song about resistance & self - discovery in the face of modern romance; it explores the implicit & explicit expectations placed on women throughout history. And how empowering it feels to set yourself free from carrying someone else’s emotions on your back”. 
The story starts with ALITA singing about a specific relationship that opened her eyes to the subconscious role she had stepped into of “mothering” her lover, and evolves into a tongue & cheek anthem for women everywhere. The production & writing go beyond modern genre lines, blending live strings with thick bass lines, pop synths, and addictive melodies. “I’m Not Your Mother” is co-produced by ALITA & Zach Nicita (VERITE, Anne Marie, MS MR), and co-written by ALITA & Grammy - award-winning songwriter Jesse Saint John (Lizzo - Truth Hurts").