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Aricka J - Man Up

I'm feeling this smooth new track from Amazing Pop Singer-Songwriter, Aricka J. Entitled, "Man Up", it's filled with fiery melodies giving sweet Island vibes that will have you grooving! The message is loud and clear, "Man Up". It's bold, brilliant and honest-to-goodness music. 
Boston bred, LA based independent artist, Aricka J, has been performing since she can remember.  Following her passion for music, she transplanted herself to LA to be in the center of the industry.  

Her very first single release was, “Good Girl Gone Bad,” followed by “Superman”.  Both songs give a window into her platform of being able to say and sing what everyone’s thinking but often too scared to say - the emotions of life and love. 

Look for latest single, “Man Up” on iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, SoundCloud, BandCamp and other music platforms.

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