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Brenda Cay - Alone With You

"Alone With You" is the soothing new single by Nashville country singer-songwriter, Brenda Cay. "Alone With You" is a distinctive mix of traditional country and rock that's propelled by Cay's classic vocals and striking guitar riffs. With a steady, swinging drumbeat and even a bit of keys, this song offers a refreshing take on the typical country ballad. The song offers every listener a chance to escape into the story of young love. The catchy chorus is inviting to listeners of all genres, and the story behind the lyrics is relatable to anyone who has been in love. Brenda's vivid story-telling in "Alone With You" will transport you to the center of the song and have you convinced it was written for you. That's the magic of Brenda's songwriting. Listen to "Alone With You" available now: 
Brenda Cay's November 2020 EP "Fragile Like a Bomb" has garnered over a million streams.
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