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Curt Chambers - Different Views (Official Music Video)

Photo Credit: Gonzalez Media Productions 
Curt Chambers is an artist like no other whose stories from his incredible life pour out in song after incredible song. On February 11th, his Video "Different Views" exclusively premiered with People Magazine and was released by VEVO. This moving single is currently available on all digital download and streaming platforms:
This soul-stirring song offers a personal insight into what it means for Curt Chambers to be a Black man in America at a time when racial tensions are high. His passionate lines "If I see blue lights it shouldn't mean my life with one wrong move. I'm living in a different world than you" hint at instances of police brutality plaguing the nation, and how that has affected Chambers personally.

"Different Views" is Chambers' plea for everyone to take a look at the racial divide in this country from another person's perspective. Country music needs more strong Black voices like Curt's to show an underrepresented side of life in America. "Different Views" serves as the soundtrack for clips of protests and marches for Black Lives Matter. It is a battle cry for the ever-present struggle for equality and a call to action inviting us all to see things from a "different view."
Curt has kept quite busy through COVID working both in Los Angeles and Nashville with Dr. Dre, Russ, Scott Storch while simultaneously working on his country music projects. He kicked off the New Year performing with Alicia Keys on NYE Rockin Eve along with other major network appearances. 
Photo Credit: Ivan Barias (NAMM 2020)

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