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HANSO - paris.

paris. is the exciting new single by Norwegian musician HANSO! The single is smooth melodic electronic-pop with a soulful touch, giving you Daft Punk vibes. This is a cool dance jam for a summer party in Paris! 
HANSO grew up north of Oslo in farmland Norway. From an early age he realised that dedication and hustle is crucial for success. After a short career in the local school band, he claimed guitar as his main instrument. Self taught, and inspired by legends like Jimi Hendrix and Nile Rodgers, HANSO developed an unique style of playing. He went on to study at the Norwegian School of Economics where he later crossed paths with Sebastian Lamberg Torgusen. Together they created Papaya Whip, a norwegian arts and recreation agency, managing successful acts like DJ/Producer Lëo.
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