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Hazey - Left to Wonder (EP)

Bristol based indie-rock duo Hazey has released their debut EP, "Left to Wonder", out now! 
Alongside their EP is the release of a music video for the focus track, "Bliss", written during a time of uncertainty, confusion and reflection. Bliss is a collection of emotions that are repeatedly flowing through the mind when feeling lost. In a situation where we need to reach out and unite, it is apparent that a select few have taken the opportunity to profit from the suffering of the helpless many. "Dreamy intervals midway and towards the end of the track represent the calm and peacefulness that we receive from detaching ourselves from society. This is our most laid-back song and we love how it's enabled us to connect on a more intimate level with our music." - Hazey 

Bliss is a reminder to take a break from whatever is going on out there and to take care of yourself. A fresh perspective and clear mind does wonders. 
Two best mates, Tim Brown (Vocals/Guitar) and Justin Wilkinson (Vocals/Drums), making a racket. The Bristol based indie-pop duo provide energy and mystery to the rock scene. The pair certainly aren't afraid to express their weird side and want to share their fun outlook on life through Hazey

Dreamy guitars and fluttering synthesisers are the soul of Hazey. This unworldly aesthetic coats around the duos crisp vocals. Having two vastly different vocalists provides the band with limitless possibilities when crafting their music.
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Their debut single ‘Kimberly’ explores the darkness that thrives within our minds when we are unconscious. “Kimberly is our nightmare. Trapped in a maze of chaotic thoughts. Helpless but wonderful. We hope you enjoy the ride”. Kimberly has already gained strong support from UK radio stations such as BBC Radio Bristol & BCFM. (BBC Radio Bristol - "A strong hefty slab of rock and roll. Top tune and strong start to your music career!")

Saying Goodbye is an outlet of emotion based on the past year of struggle, upset, love, uncertainty, but mostly the beauty of a long-distance relationship based in 2 continents. Being apart from your loved ones gives you time to reflect but also sparks excitement. The lesson learned is to let go of what we can’t control and enjoy the present instead of worrying about tomorrow". The track has received strong support from BBC Radio, with presenter Adam Crowther hailing the song as a "huge track! wonderful, so good"