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Patrick Flynn - Enough of You


I'm feeling the exciting new single by Patrick Lynn. Produced entirely on Patrick's laptop, "Enough of You" sounds like Joywave wrote a song with Daniel Caesar... if it was interrupted halfway through by Led Zeppelin.

"Enough of You" tells the story of a relationship that, though deeply intoxicating, wasn't meant to be. As things slowly fall apart, its sensual, melancholy Alt-Pop sound gives way to a final intense Rock double chorus, as the narrator realizes only in retrospect how much the relationship meant, now that it's too late to save. 
Born and based in Philadelphia, Patrick Flynn became obsessed with storytelling while studying music at the University of Michigan. The best stories can change us, comfort us, transport us to different worlds--- the best music tells us these stories in a way nothing else can.

If music is a language, Patrick tries to speak as many dialects as possible; he frankly finds it impossible not to. The big challenge in having so many unique pieces, of course, is making a coherent whole. Patrick accomplishes this with intimate, delicate vocals, rich harmonies, and relatable, vulnerable lyrics.
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