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The Impersonators - Life Of Grant

Presenting the brand new album from The Impersonators entitled, "Life Of Grant". The iTunes chart-topping duo from Finland, Tom Tikka and Antti Autio have delivered a collection of melodic and memorable tracks, including "Rodeo", "Cloud Nine" and new single, "Scarlet Hell".
Grant was born in Greentown, IN, in 1950. Brokenhearted after his high-school
sweetheart left him for another man, Grant enlisted to fight in Vietnam in 1967.
He was underaged but forged his parents' signatures to join the Marines. He
survived the war but came back home a changed man in 1968, struggling to
find his place in a society that was in turmoil. This album is the story of
Grant's life from the perspective of his relationships, most importantly his two
marriages, the latter of which was happy and continues to this day. The album
takes the listener from Grant's youth and his first relationship rodeo to his
golden years in San Francisco, where he resides now, still on cloud nine with
his wife of more than thirty years, Charlotte.