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Barista - Open Sesame Vol 1: Her Dress

Barista, hard-rock Instabul-based musician, has called upon a who's who of studio musicians to create his latest album anthology, "Open Sesame". The 26-track opus is being released in 5 volumes over the next few months, with "Volume 1: Her Dress" releasing on April 16th. 
Bahadır Han Eryılmaz, better known as Barista, is an Istanbul-based musician whose genre-defying, soul-ascending strain of music compels people to truly listen. An introvert by nature, he attributes his body of eclectic studio work to helping him to better understand himself, and to be fully immersed in a world of expression and escapism. Making music inspires him to translate quietude, heart, mood, night and day, with lyrics abundant with purpose and emotion, Barista's music radiates a beautiful aura of authenticity, purpose, and pride throughout.

Having only begun his venture into music eight years ago, Barista's 'learn as he goes' mentality has been pivotal to the release of his two albums. His debut release, 'Daydream', premiered in 2014 and was quickly followed up by '57' in 2016. His third album, ‘Open Sesame’ is the continuation of these two earlier projects. Barista’s latest album Open Sesame is his most powerful yet. By collaborating both live in-studio (all instrumentals are recorded live) and through modern tech, the album represents Barista’s vision. The recordings, excluding the Turkish vocals, were made at Carbonite Sound in the ‘musician’s colony’ of Ojai, CA. With features from Jesse Siebenberg (Supertramp, Kenny Loggins), Rudiger (Guns' Roses, Velvet Revolver), Sara Azriel, (Pink Martini), and Lydia Salnikova (Kenny Rogers, BO) as well as Barista's musical idol Simon Phillips on drums, the 26-track album engineered by Jason Mariani was released via Turkish indie label MonoPlay Records on April 16th.
Relaxing, spirited, and magical, listeners have described his albums as multi-layered, full of substance and detail, while his lyrics convey a theme and an experience of  unity. Representative more of an inner world than pop culture, each note builds into the next for a cumulative experience.
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