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Introducing Viral TikTok Singer/Songwriter Anna Thompson Debut EP "Centerpiece"

I'm so happy to feature the electrifying debut EP by Seattle singer/songwriter, Anna Thompson. The powerful pop-driven 7-track EP entitled "Centerpiece" is a collection of songs charting Anna's journey as a rising artist and showcase her knack for blending confessional and personal lyrics with punchy-pop melodies. The lead single "Dreams About Him" pulls from a personal experience Anna went through that ended up becoming the catalyst for the entire EP. 

“I wrote Dreams About Him after having several recurring dreams about an ex-boyfriend of mine that I hadn’t spoken to in several years,” she states. “I was in a relationship that I wasn’t very happy in at the time, so I wrote this song to cope with the guilt I felt about my subconscious being tainted with another person. Mere days after writing the song, said ex-boyfriend DM’d me on Instagram. I didn’t open it for months, but once my relationship ended, I replied, and we reconnected. I wrote the rest of the EP about us reconnecting- us progressing from casually talking again, being in a serious relationship with each other.” 
"Dreams About Him" is an infectious, sickly-sweet pop-rock song that you won't be able to get out of your head. 
Watch the official music video here: 
After fans feverishly begged her to release her viral TikTok original song "Get Me High", it's been non-stop for Anna Thompson. Since then, she's released a number of singles ("Thirsty", "Telepathically", "Like That") and garnered major support from everyone from fans on TikTok to radio stations in Brazil. Now, with her debut EP "Centerpiece", Anna Thompson is marking the next chapter of her rising career. 

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