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Izzie's Caravan - Blow The Lid

Here's the latest track from Blues Rockers, Izzie's Caravan, entitled "Blow The Lid". It's the title track from their forthcoming year-long album release. This is Aerosmith meets Buddy Guy meets Led Zeppelin meets BB King. It's bluesy and it's rawkin'! Dirty and raw...the way blues rock was meant to be played. 
The self-proclaimed musical child of early-Aerosmith and Johnny Winter, the roots of ‘Izzie’s
Caravan’ trace back to the early 2000’s when Izzie (guitars) and Sim (vocals) formed ‘The Deep Impacters’. The band soon disbanded after a couple of records, and becoming disillusioned by the music industry, Izzie took a decades-long respite from guitar, eventually returning to the instrument he loved, just a few years ago. Referring to himself as a “poor man’s Buddy Guy or Lightnin’ Hopkins,” Izzie cites bands like Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith as early inflfluences, followed by later guitarists like Izzy Stradlin and John Frusciante. But, it was the blues of Stevie Ray, Clapton, John Lee Hooker, Johnny Winter, Muddy Waters, and of course, Buddy Guy, that inspired Izzie’s return to music.

In December of 2019, Izzie’s Caravan released the EP, ‘Leo’s Guitar’, followed by the February 2020
EP, ‘Zephyrs’. Izzie’s next EP, titled ‘On The Pull’ was released on June 17, 2020 with MTS Records. The record saw much success reaching the Relix Jamband Charts and a #1 iTunes single (‘Drownin’ Man’s Blues’).

Reunited with Sim, and joined by Robbie (keys) and Roque (bass), the band is set to release a full
length album in the Summer of 2021 titled ‘Blow The Lid’. However, to keep the music flflowing, the band will be releasing one song every month for the next ten months from the album. Visit the following links to check out slamming singles from the new album including ‘Stick It To Ya’ and ‘Roadkill Rita’

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