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John Vento - New Mexico Way

Award-winning music veteran, John Vento, has released the latest single from his year-long opus, "Brick By Brick". Entitled "New Mexico Way", it's a song about leaving your problems behind in search of a new beginning. In this song, Vento sings about a specific destination (New Mexico, USA), where he searches for an old friend in hopes of finding peace and tranquility.. "Where God comes to play." This magical song channels John Mellencamp's sound and features lyrics by renowned writer, Matt Wohlfarth. 
John had a concept for an upbeat rock-n-roll tune, and of course the perfect guy to create such a thing is David Granati. David and John were on the same wave length from the jump on "New Mexico Way". As Vento says, "David and I have created a ton of music together but we've never had something fall into place so quickly and organically. Everything David played just sounded and felt great, capturing the exact vibe that I wanted." 

Once producer, multi-instrumentalist, David Granati laid down the initial tracks, Vento pulled out some cool lyric notes from collaborator Matt Wohlfarth.
Connect with John Vento:
In addition to his solo career, John Vento fronts The Nied's Hotel Band, voted Pittsburgh's Best Bar Band in 2016. Through his performances, he has raised more than a quarter of a million dollars for charity. John is a Communitas Award Winner for his work as co-founder of Band Together Pittsburgh. His leadership, generosity and work ethic are well known throughout the Pittsburgh music scene. John is a #1 international iTunes charting artist, a Billboard Magazine Emerging Artist and a 2019 International Music and Entertainment Association Award Winner. He has appeared on Fox, ABC, CBS, and NBC TV.