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Laura Cheadle - Everybody Say

I'm happy to share the amazing new music video for "Everybody Say" by Award-winning pop/soul singer-songwriter, Laura Cheadle. It's the first single from her forthcoming album "Shine This Lifetime." Laura is a singer commanding more than just a listen or a look; her powerful voice and pure talent shine in "Everybody Say". It's uplifting, catchy, and brilliantly written. Laura's energy instantly lifts your spirits, making you wanna get up and sing and dance along!
Laura Cheadle takes us on a journey through a technicolor world with the music video for the lead single off her upcoming project. Marked by warm, vibrant colors and beautifully animated animals, mountains and flowers, it does an outstanding job of capturing the positivity of the song.

“The music video with this song really shows a lot of fun and inspiration. I was so joyful filming this video and I think it comes across on screen. I want people to hear and see this song and feel amazing!” - Laura Cheadle
Laura is no stranger to the stage: performing for the first time on a stage at the age of 4, her skills and musicianship have been crafted to her own unique style. Now as Traveler Guitar’s newest Brand Ambassador, her solo career is starting to explode. Laura had the honor of performing a set at NAMM2020, she filmed specialized performances and educational video segments for Next Level Guitar’s site, and she was even recently named the Musician of the Decade, receiving this award for her body of work and trend-setting style. 
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