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Luke MacRoberts - The Least Romantic Man in the World

"The Least Romantic Man in the World" is the new passionate single from musician, Luke MacRoberts. It's a ballad full of atmospheres produced entirely in Mexico, with Luke himself playing most of the instruments. The production work is done with his already consistent Mexican "Dream Team", with Iv├ín Almanza (Apolo) from Madriguera Studio being the technical mind behind the music and Paulina Olea in mastering.
"The Least Romantic Man in the World" was released as a single on February 5, very close to the terrifying Valentine's Day, and continues its momentum with its animated videolyric, the work of Mexican artist Eme Aqui. 

Luke does not stop and continues with his musical work that has not been interrupted at any time since his official move to CDMX, from Chicago, in 2015. 
Luke MacRoberts is a Chicago IL guitarist / singer / songwriter, currently living in Mexico City. He has played with various local Chicago bands such as The Drastics and JC Brooks and Uptown Sound and has been a songwriter for most of his life. After playing progressive rock for the past few years in his Mexico City-based band Missing Marbles, the time has come for his first solo release. Much of the original sound of their songs comes from a love for popular music and the show, which can be heard through deep yet honest lyrics juxtaposed with odd timing signatures and often dissonant harmony. The music itself can struggle to find continuity, changing dramatically between styles most of the time, but the unapologetic authenticity of the lyrics bridges the gap, creating a sound of its own
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