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Phillip Michael Parsons - Bad Girl

Country Roots singer/songwriter Phillip Michael Parsons new single "Bad Girl " was released on Feb. 5th 2021 and debuted on Apple Hot Tracks. This the breakout country artist's third single.

Parsons paints his “bad girl" as a traditionally "good" woman but like many ladies can turn it up and flip that switch. The song puts a creative spin on the concept behind Tim McGraw’s 2003 chart-topper “Real Good Man.” In the same way McGraw describes himself as being both a “real bad boy” and “a real good man,”

The rocking tribute to a passionate lover is now available on all digital and download streaming platforms. 
I get asked all the time what my idea of the perfect woman is, and this song describes just that! Someone you can take home to your mom, but flips a switch when the doors are closed. Someone you would never guess might have that wild side because she saves it for you. A bad girl, but a good woman. ‘Bad Girl’ has a rock edge to it and is something girls and guys can relate to!” - Phillip Michael Parsons
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