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Sons Of Viljems New EP - OUT NOW!!

So awesomely cool to feature the "Sons Of Viljems" new EP! 
After spending a year of lockdown away from the stage, the place where they feel most comfortable, the London-based duo has returned in strength with an EP of brand new material, composed and produced in collaboration with film composer Flip Sijanec, featuring saxophonist MatjaĆŸ Mlakar on Steaming Black SeaWith this 3-track EP, Sons of Viljems emit waves of melancholic drone pop. And if that makes you think they’re yet another electronic outfit, you stand corrected. That’s not what they are at all. Sons of Viljems are jet black but organic, vocal, and knee deep in dub. 
Sons of Viljems is the duo of Andrea Giommi, previously known from psych-noise acts such
as The Emerald Leaves, Edible Woman and Leg Leg, and
 Nejc Haberman, bass player in the
Slovenian ethno-jazz ensemble Jazoo for over a decade.
For this specific project, they collaborated with film composer Filip Sijanec for added cinematic depth. Filip Sijanec is a composer and musician based in London. With a background in jazz, he also creates original music in a broad range of styles for film and content.
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