Alexa Villa - "Invisible (Dan Heath Orchestral Reprise)"

I'm happy to share the amazing new single from Los-Angeles based bubble rocker and classically-trained pianist Alexa Villa. Entitled "Invisible - Dan Heath Orchestral Reprise", the song details Alexa's personal experiences in surviving unrequited love, power plays, and unhealthy relationship dynamics that leave a partner feeling alone and used. "Your apathy is annoying me, you're practically invisible to me". With enthralling and fiery vocals, a 90s rock aesthetic, and lyrics that have real teeth, this song is as vulnerable as it is unapologetic. The song was produced by the legendary Dan Heath, who provided a cinematic version of the original single.
Los Angeles-based bubble rockstress Alexa Villa has played on The Warped Tour and has opened for acts including The Darkness, Drake Bell, Ryan Cabrera, and Mark Ballas & BC Jean of Alexander Jean to name a few. The singer/songwriter/classically-trained pianist is also a model, working with several fashion companies and regularly participating in events at L.A. Fashion Week.

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