Sophia Bella Cucci New Single "Lemons"

"Lemons" is the latest release from emerging indie songwriter-singer Sophia Bella Cucci. The phenomenal song teeters between seeing the beauty of relationships, while dealing with the challenges that go along with being in one. "Lemons" floats the listener over a romantic scene steeped in idealism, but the track is also settled in realism. Sophia's fervent lyrics beg the listener to continue to hope even through feelings of doubt and anxiety, and haunting vocals and guitar add to the reassuring yet melancholy mood of the track. About the writing of "Lemons," Sophia recounts, "The idea for this song started from a conversation about lemons, and the gorgeous fruit trees that grow in the Italian countryside. From there, the idea of "having lemons" became a symbol of the more difficult parts of a relationship, whereas the Italian countryside and the idea of sharing fruit illustrate a romanticized future of 'what could be'." 
An emerging new voice in indie music, Sophia Bella Cucci is a 22 year old New York-area musician with a dance and theater background. She spent her childhood and teen years immersed in musical theater, ballet, and ballroom dancing, but balanced her classical training by listening to artists which have since influenced her own music, including Paramore, Led Zeppelin, Billie Eilish, David Bowie, Mazzy Star, and Fleetwood Mac. Sophia’s music combines the nostalgic sounds she loves with modern production elements and insightful lyrics. Although only releasing her fourth single, Sophia’s songwriting and vocal style convey that of a seasoned writer-musician.

“Lemons” is a return to Sophia’s love of indie folk/pop. Her second single “From the Garden” was inspired equally by “The Rain Song” by Led Zeppelin and “Little Flaws” by Lady Lamb, and sits comfortably in the indie singer-songwriter space. In the past several weeks, “From the Garden” has seen a significant (over 100%) increase in monthly listeners and streams after being added to the AlexRainBirdMusic Spring Indie/Folk playlist. Sophia has also performed virtual concerts with WUSB Stony Brook, Women That Rock, and received additional playlist support from BMI, Common Sense Music, Modern Trax, All New Indie, and more.

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